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“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?”    Jeremiah 8:22  In other words, why are God's people not recovering spiritually?


The context of these questions is a Father wanting  healing for His children. It is this scripture that became the call to arms of our ministry, The Balm Network.  The Balm Network is the apostolic ministry call of Darshan Nicole, a church without walls. In a global sense, Our Father desires healing for His church, our nation and His creation.  Our Father is grieved by our sickness and sin condition  and finds no pleasure in divine justice and punishment. So, why do we turn away? Why do we follow our own path? Why do we think Godly principles of agape love, faith, prayer and obedience are negotiable? 


This is a “Soul Matter”.  Darshan Nicole  has been called by God to bring balm to the nations.  She ministers to the soul, “because our souls matter to God and the matters of our souls need healing and deliverance.”   As a preacher, teacher and worshipper she brings about a message of change and deliverance for the people of God and speaks on His behalf. 

Darshan Nicole is a born worshipper and has been in communion with her Heavenly Father since the age of seven.  She is not a performer or entertainer. Worship is her lifestyle and her affection and attention is given solely to her Heavenly Father.  When you receive her into your church, (to serve God'speople), you will see God’s anointed messenger and witness the heart of a servant, a mouth piece for truth and an anointing that destroys yokes and removes burdens. 


 We welcome an opportunity to serve Your Church or Organization. 

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