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Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams, is a visionary leader, apostolic prophet, anointed preacher, author, Clinical Christian Counselor, and passionate advocate for spiritual transformation. With a deep-rooted faith and unwavering commitment to serving God and humanity, she has dedicated her life to spreading love, hope, and empowerment. She is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Balm Worldwide International Ministries Inc., President and Founder of Balm Care Community Action Center, CEO/Founder of The Balm Network, and Vashti Global (a rising mentorship movement for women).

Ministry and Calling

God has called Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams to be a vessel of His grace and truth. Her ministry is characterized by a profound understanding of the Word of God and a genuine desire to see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through her dynamic preaching, teaching, and prophetic insight, she has touched the hearts and souls of countless individuals, leading them to a deeper relationship with God.

Teachings and Message

 Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams delivers powerful and relevant teachings that resonate with people from all walks of life. Her messages are rooted in biblical principles, yet she uniquely connects these timeless truths to the challenges and realities of the modern world. With clarity, wisdom, and compassion, she imparts practical guidance for personal growth, spiritual development, and living a purpose-driven life. 

Social Justice and Community Engagement

Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams passionately advocates for social justice, equality, and community transformation. She actively engages in initiatives addressing systemic issues, uplifting marginalized communities, and promoting love, justice, and compassion. 

Areas of Focus

Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams has a heart for empowering individuals to discover their God-given potential and fulfill their divine purpose. Her ministry encompasses various focus areas

  1. Spiritual Growth and Discipleship: Darshan Nicole Williams provides guidance and resources to help believers deepen their faith, develop a vibrant prayer life, and cultivate a closer relationship with God.

  2.  Leadership and Ministry Development: With her extensive experience in leadership and ministry,  Darshan Nicole Williams equips and empowers emerging leaders to fulfill their calling and make a lasting impact in their communities.

  3. Healing and Restoration:  Darshan Nicole Williams ministers to those who are broken, wounded, or need emotional and spiritual healing. Her compassionate approach offers hope, restoration, and a pathway to wholeness. 


  Dr. Darshan Nicole Williams is a dynamic and anointed servant of God, committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Through her ministry, she seeks to inspire, empower, and transform lives by sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel. With a heart full of love and a passion for justice, she continues to impact the world with her teachings, leadership, and unwavering faith.



Apostle Darshan Nicole Williams of Balm Worldwide International Ministries

In this interview, a light is shined on the transformative work of Pastor Darshan Nicole Williams, a compassionate and dedicated spiritual leader whose impact extends far beyond the pulpit. Pastor Darshan exemplifies the intersection of faith and service as the guiding force behind several community-focused organizations. Her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those in need has addressed several social challenges. I will be exploring the inspiring journey of Pastor Darshan, a shepherd not only of souls but also of community enrichment, and the profound ways in which her leadership has become a beacon of hope and positive change for the communities she serves. In January, the unexpected death of my grandmother left me enveloped in the suffocating grip of grief. I found myself navigating through a sea of emotions that seemed unbearable. In a state of desperation, I knew that I needed to seek help. It began my search for a grief support group. Through prayer, God led me to join her session of the program. I reached out, and she welcomed me with open arms. The GriefShare group gave me a profound sense of belonging. My connection with Pastor Darshan became a catalyst for my healing. She guided my spiritual and mental wellbeing while providing the invaluable gift of genuine friendship. It has been a transformative experience, and I feel truly blessed to have someone who understands and supports me on multiple levels. As a leader of several community organizations, Pastor Darshan is an exemplary interviewee. Her diverse skill set and comprehensive perspective allow her to connect with various demographics. Her commitment to these organizations reflects her understanding of the multifaceted challenges within the community. Moreover, her moral and ethical guidance provides valuable insights into the principles of sustaining community initiatives. By interviewing a pastor, one gains access to the dynamic nature of community leadership. She is an ideal source for understanding how to foster positive change in the community. I expected her to highlight the significance of leading by example. Demonstrating integrity and fostering a sense of community is essential. A need for empathetic understanding and active listening is significant. I predicted she would speak about how ethical decision-making impacts the broader community. In essence, her perspective on leadership often revolves around a holistic and values-driven approach. She seeks to uplift, empower, and guide others toward a shared vision of growth and well-being. Rooted in the example of Christ, pastors model a leadership style that supports others spiritually and practically.



  • What experiences with leading have you had leading community/civic engagement projects or initiatives?
    As mentioned, Pastor Darshan leads Balm Global Impact. The initiative offers apostolic mentorship, education assistance, food/supply distribution, and more. She also supports Africa Missions Global. They restore and rebuild lives and communities in Africa. Lastly, she has a new organization called Balm Care Community Action Center. Their focus is to help assist families with food insecurity and homelessness locally. ● Balm Global Impact (food, education, and spiritual support) ● Africa Global Missions ● Balm Care Community Action
  • What have you learned through leading these projects/initiatives?
    Leading an initiative has revealed profound lessons about the fundamental human need for love, understanding, and care. Through the journey, it became evident that, beyond material contributions, people yearn for genuine connection and empathy. “The greatest gift one can offer is not a tangible present but the act of being present in the moment” (Williams, 2023).
  • In relation to leading and leadership, what would you like to share that you believe is relevant but that I have not addressed in my questions?
    Pastor Darshan finds it significant to have the heart of a servant. Unlike traditional leadership models centered on control and power dynamics, Servant Leadership fosters collaboration and mutual respect. While sometimes perceived as a weaker form of leadership due to its emphasis on serving rather than commanding, Matthew 20:28 exemplifies its importance as Jesus explains how he came to serve. Embracing service over dominance, Servant Leadership seeks to empower and uplift others, emphasizing the strength in humility and the collective betterment of the community.
  • What challenges do you find in leading community/civic initiatives/projects?
    Maintaining an organization poses considerable challenges, from the critical need for human resources to funding. The ongoing demand for passionate and dedicated individuals to contribute their time and skills often proves challenging, as finding committed volunteers or staff members can be a continual hurdle. Additionally, the financial aspect presents a formidable challenge, with the need for consistent funding to sustain operations, implement projects, and address unforeseen contingencies. Without a reliable and steady influx of financial support, the organization may struggle to fulfill its mission.
  • Please tell me a little bit about yourself. What is your background? Background of your organization.
    Besides being a pastor, Pastor Darshan Williams holds several degrees. Having degrees in Psychology and Human Services provides academic knowledge and practical insights into her role. She is completing her PhD and just finished publishing her first novel! Pastor Darshan partners with other organizations while maintaining her own. Her most prominent organizations are Balm Global Impact and Balm Global Impact Kids. Both initiatives allow her to connect with pastors from Africa and South Asia.
  • Describe any partnerships you developed with other organizations and why you sought those relationships.
    When African Global Missions identified Pastor Darshan, they recognized her exceptional leadership qualities. She is an International Director for the United States. She has forged significant partnerships, notably with the Christian Alliance of Pastors, an Apostolic network led by Bishop Dale Bronner. This collaboration not only offers her ongoing training but also provides access to a dynamic network of pastors. Through this network, she facilitates initiatives focused on education and empowerment, particularly in leadership foundations.
  • Please describe one of these projects/initiatives. What was involved?
    : Recognizing the urgency of homelessness, Pastor Darshan has demonstrated impactful intervention by offering temporary housing to a homeless family, including a three-month-old baby. She eventually was able to secure them a permanent home. Her initiative exemplified the need for creating the Balm Care Community Action Center. It embodies the need to address immediate crises. More importantly, it empowers individuals to reclaim control over their lives after facing predicaments.
  • Describe any activities you engaged in that connected you with the people/community who would be affected by the project/initiative
    As a pastor, she fosters connections and restores faith through regular services and outreach initiatives. Recognizing the profound impact of grief, she offers a Grief Support program, such as Grief Share, providing counseling and a supportive community for those navigating loss. Through the ministry, Pastor Darshan brings hope by emphasizing the holistic nature of healing—addressing both the body and the soul. The Prayer Clinic serves as a dedicated space for individuals to receive ministering tailored to their needs and concerns. Notably, Pastor Darshan initiated the I am Relevant retreat, born out of the tragedy of U.S. pageant winner Cheslie Kryst. This retreat serves as a reminder that your identity is grounded in God and purpose, transcending societal standards. More importantly, she established that individuals never lose their relevance in the eyes of the divine. Through these multifaceted efforts, Pastor Darshan brings comfort, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose to those in need.
  • What was/is the goal(s) of your initiative?
    Senior community members are overlooked and underserved. Recognizing this gap, Pastor Darshan has committed to making the church accessible by ministering to seniors. Through these sessions, she actively engages seniors, encouraging them to participate in services through prayer and fostering a sense of fellowship. This effort offers a sense of connection, purpose, and spiritual nourishment.
  • What change (if any) are/were you hoping to see as a result of your efforts?
    In her endeavor to uplift underserved communities, the focus extends beyond immediate relief to fostering long-term independence. Through targeted initiatives, individuals gain awareness of mental health issues and access to affordable support services, empowering them to navigate the challenges of life more effectively. By providing essential resources such as counseling services, the community becomes equipped with tools to better their circumstances and address the root causes of vulnerability.
  • What kinds of things would you recommend people do if they want to lead efforts at community/social change?
    Pastor Darshan recommends starting by articulating a clear vision for the change they seek and taking tangible steps to bring that vision to life. Begin on a small scale to test ideas and build momentum, gradually expanding as successes accumulate. Effective community change often comes from impacting smaller, more closely connected groups, emphasizing relational impact over sheer numbers. She recommends volunteering in areas of personal interest for meaningful engagement.
  • What community/social issues are/were you attempting to address?
    Pastor Darshan has devoted her expertise to addressing the pressing issues plaguing underserved communities. With a keen focus on mental health, she has created initiatives that break down the stigma surrounding psychological well-being, fostering environments where individuals can seek and receive the support they need. Pastor Darshan has been tackling homelessness through community development projects, recognizing the interconnectedness of mental health and stable living conditions. Moreover, she has sustained resources such as clothing and food for those in need.



While interviewing Pastor Darshan, profound insights into the fragility of financial stability became evident. Her observation, "It only takes one month to become homeless as most people live paycheck to paycheck," is a stark reminder (Williams, 2023). The statement prompts that, despite their best efforts, individuals find themselves on the brink of homelessness due to unforeseen circumstances. Beyond the spiritual guidance often associated with pastors, such interviews offer a window into their role as compassionate advocates for social awareness and justice. The broader societal implications of economic disparity and fostering empathy get prioritized. The insights from the interview with Pastor Darshan have significantly enriched my understanding of leading community and social change. Her emphasis on the precariousness of financial stability underscores the urgent need for systemic changes. This realization has deepened my appreciation for the multifaceted nature of social change, extending beyond traditional avenues of activism to include economic advocacy and support systems. Understanding the fragility of individuals and families in the community has motivated me to explore initiatives that promote financial literacy, affordable housing, and social policies that contribute to a more equitable society. It has reinforced the importance of empathy, community engagement, and a holistic approach to leadership in fostering positive and effective change. My reaction to what I learned from the investigation was a powerful combination of surprise, humility, and inspiration. The shared commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of those facing financial instability resonated with me. Witnessing a woman of color taking on such a pivotal leadership role in tackling societal challenges fueled a sense of inspiration within me. Her unique form of leadership, rooted in empathy and proactive engagement, left a lasting impression. I realized that change happens at the grassroots level. She has encouraged me to embrace compassionate and community-driven leadership.

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